Song Recording Studio

If you are planning to record a song or music, just consult with The Sound Studio, one of the best song recording studio in Kolkata with advanced voice recorder. Great service available for audio video mixing, technological tuning, post production after recording. Make your own audio or video album or YouTube Channel project. All support and recording executions will be under experienced professionals. We take care of individual requirements & creativity.

Audio Recording

Our audio recording studio has been designed and built to enhance your recording. Acoustic treatments  help get the sound you need without unwanted artifacts.

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Mix and Master

Our Control Room is a comfy place to mix & master your project. With Hardware and Plugins. You’ll know how your mixes translate on different playback systems.

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Post Production

Dedicated Sound Design division committed to bringing your work to the next level. Audio post productions with hundreds of thousands of sfx in our libraries and  foley. With 5.1 mixing.

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Song Recording Studio in Kolkata

Discover the world of sound, explore new acoustic realms, and experiment with tones and music. At The SoundStudio, you’ll be inspired by a selection of state-of-the-art projects that have been our main goal, check our creativity and professionalism in the field of audio media with 'Pratik Pradhan' as your sound engineer.

We take you from singing in your car to cutting your own CD. Create your company’s television or radio commercial. In addition to a top-of-the-line sound solutions on how to built up your professional sound studio to handle of hardware and software and how the pros use to capture the entire spectrum of sound waves and produce tonal output that’s music to your ears, The SoundStudio also makes available an orchestra pit full of innovative music compositions to a complete post production solutions. Give free rein to your creative energies.

If you can imagine it, it is possible at our state of facility. We are specialized on voice recorder, song recording, music recording, audio recording, sound recording, dubbing studio in Kolkata.


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