The Sound Studio the brainchild of PRATIK PRADHAN who in his earlier phase made way to Mumbai to study Sound Engineering (certificate and diploma course) with The School of Audio Engineering (SAE), He worked as a supervisor in ‘SAE’ for months; till he joined ‘Vikrant Studios’ as a Sound Engineer. But worked as a freelancer in different projects in studios like Yash Raj Flims, Empire Studio, Em2Spectral Harmony, PurpleGrapes, Orinsham Studio, Balaji to name a few.Though still working with the studio, he dubbed, mixed and sound designed independently which was a start of his personal clientele. As time passed he had become the Technical Assistant/Chief Engineer of the outfit.

In a bizarre sequence of events, he had to temporarily quit his job in Mumbai and come back to his home town Kolkata. On his return, he finally decided to go independent. His personal recording studio setup in Kolkata, a dream realized was formed; based out of his bedroom for about a year till he got his own studio space.

He has worked extensively within the Indian music recording and film industry audio video with various artists and producers in MumbaiKolkata, Chennai, Dubai and has built up extensive experience meaning he can cater for a vast array of genres, clients and budgets.

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